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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements of becoming a supplier?

In order to become a supplier, the following requirements must be met:


You must provide high quality products with product photography and descriptions that are ready-to-market.

The following groups of products are not permitted: Nutraceuticals, pseudo-pharmaceuticals and other products that make health claims that have not been approved or verified by the applicable local and/or national regulatory body, legal substance that provides the same effect as an illegal drug (e.g., salvia, kratom), or any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs.


You must manufacture your own products or hold inventory of your products in your own warehouses. Resellers without inventory do not qualify as a supplier.


You will provide at least 25% off of your retail price.

This discount enables merchants to realize a profit margin and incentivize them to grow their businesses with your products.

Our recommended discount is 40% as we see the most amount of success with this margin.

Minimum Order Quantity

Due to the nature of retail dropshipping, we do not facilitate minimum order quantity for products.

Shipping Fees

You must provide the same shipping fees that you offer to your other retail customers. If the shipping fees on our platform have to be set differently, you must still honor a net 25% discount off your product price + shipping fees on our platform vs. on your retail website.

(For example, you may have a $10 product with free shipping on your website, and you may offer your product on our platform at $5 with $2.5 shipping - this is acceptable because the net discount is still 25%).

Once you have become a supplier, you have the following responsibilities to remain.

Product Images and Descriptions

Watermarks are not permitted on product images. Descriptions that are ready-to-market goes a long way as they make it easy for retailers to simply push your products to their stores.


Pricing on your products should not be increased once your products have been published.

We understand that pricing may reasonably change due to general inflation, however, if you plan to have any price increase above 15% please send us a notification for review.

Shipment Packaging

We understand that as a brand manufacturer, your logo may exist on your products or product containers.

However, beyond that, we ask that you refrain from including any promotional material that lead customers to your own website.

Orders must be shipped in neutral packages without your company logo or information on the cardboard box/envelope used for shipping.

Customer Invoices

Please print and include the generated invoice that is attached with every order in the package to end customers.

Order Processing

You are required to process orders within the timeframe you have specified.

Orders will come directly to your account and you will receive an email notification for every order that comes in.

You are required to maintain an order success rate of 95% or more as this enables your dropshippers to nurture repeat customers.

Suppliers who are unable to provide reliable order fulfillment will be at risk of removal from our platform.

Shipping and Tracking Number

All orders must be shipped with a tracking number and must be received by the customer within the time frame you have specified on your application.

Payment Schedule

All suppliers are paid according to the weekly payout schedule.

These guidelines help us create an ecosystem of dropshippers who are excited to build their business and customer base by selling your products!

The goal is to support your dropshippers’ growth so your business will grow along with them!

If you have any questions about the requirements above, please do not hesitate to contact and we would be happy to discuss with you.

I’ve been accepted as a supplier, now what?

Congratulations on being approved as a supplier!

You can now activate products and make them available for our 1,000+ retailers to sell!

Here are steps on how to do that

:Log in to the Supplier App

Select My Products from the toolbar on the left

Under the Active column, toggle the products active to add them.

A few things to remember:

Payouts: Please be sure to update your payout information in the app to ensure you are paid for your products in a timely manner

Pictures: We highly suggest that you include high resolution images with your products.  

Typically, products with nicer pictures will sell better. Suppliers are not permitted to include watermarks or logos on the product photos - products with watermarks will be removed immediately.

Pricing: Suppliers are required to offer a discount off of their retail prices.

We recommend you review the pricing of all your products before pushing them live, because once a product has been pushed live to a retailer’s store, the price can no longer be changed.

If for any reason you need to make a change to a product’s price, please contact the Customer Support team.

Processing: Orders will come directly to your account and you will receive email notification for every order that comes in. We expect all suppliers to process orders in a timely manner.

Packaging: Orders must be shipped in neutral packages.  

By this, we mean that your branding will have to be absent from the packaging - the boxes or containers must be standard with no promotional materials.

Where do I find the branded invoice to include in an order?

Congrats!  You've received an order..  

As a supplier, you're required to include the retailer's branded invoice in the order.

There are three ways to find the branded invoice:

Email Notification

When you receive an email notifying you that you have received an order, the invoice is included as a PDF attachment in the email.  

Please print this out an include it in the end customer's package.

dropship™ for Suppliers area

Log in to the dropship™ platform

Select Orders from the toolbar on the left.

Choose the order you are fulfilling and click on Invoice in the top right corner.

Print the invoice and include it in the end customer's package.

What is the retail price markup?

The retail price markup is the suggested retail price for retailers.  

Since this is just a suggested retail price, it is not mandatory, but provides retailers with a helpful benchmark when deciding how to price products on their store.

How do I remove my products?

In order to remove one of your products, please follow these steps:

Log in to the Supplier area

Select My Products from the toolbar on the left

Under the Active column, toggle the products inactive to remove them.

If you’d like to bulk deactivate your products, please contact us at

How do I manage the stock levels of my products?

As a supplier, it is important to ensure your inventory is up-to-date so that retailers have the most accurate inventory information.

As your inventory is updated, this will be synced in real-time with online shops that are selling your products.

If your store is integrated with Shopify, your inventory is automatically synced with us.

When your inventory is low, you will see a color-coded warning on your inventory levels in the Suppliers area.

These color codes have the following criteria:

Red - indicates <10 units of inventory

Orange - indicates 11-50 units of inventory

Black - indicates >50 units of inventory

If a product goes out of stock, we'll send you an email notification to let you know that the inventory will need to be updated or replenished (either on your Shopify or on our site).

If you want to update your inventory manually, follow these steps:

Log in to the Supplier area

Select My Products from the menu on the left

Choose the product you’d like to update and click Edit

Scroll down to the Pricing section and input the inventory for each variant

If you want to bulk update your inventory, please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or email and we will coordinate the bulk update for you.

Important note: Do not deactivate your product unless you will be permanently discontinuing that item. This will effectively remove the item from all of your retailers' stores. If your item is only temporarily unavailable, set the inventory to 0 to prevent new incoming orders.

How do I get more sales as a supplier?

Starting your supplier profile is an exciting opportunity to expand your distribution channels to 1,000+ retailers.

Here are a few ways you can improve your sales.

Offer Free US Shipping: Products with free US shipping will be listed under the "Free US Shipping" filter and thus get more eyeballs from the retailers.

Remember that high shipping costs relative to the item price can raise a red flag to the retailers and make them less likely to sell your products.

Fast response on inquiries: Retailers may request for more information about your products. Fast and reliable communication as well as great customer service encourages retailers to adopt your products.

High-quality product photography: High quality images are critical to customers' purchase decisions.

Bonus points if you have lifestyle photos on your product catalogue that our retailers can utilize as their campaign photos.

Product titles: Make sure that your product titles are targeted and relevant.

Retailers like titles that are "ready-to-market", in other words, stay away from doing a 50-word messy title.

Make sure that your items are still clearly identifiable from your title.

If you're selling candles, a title that says "Watermelon-scented Soy Candle" is better than just "Watermelon Scent".

Tags: Having relevant tags will connect relevant retailers to your relevant products.

Stay away from putting irrelevant tags and focus on providing a good product-searching experience for retailers.

This typically results in more visits to your store and ultimately sales for you as a supplier.

Category and subcategory: Edit your items and ensure that your items are categorized and subcategorized accurately so retailers can easily find them.

Uploading new products: Uploading new products regularly gives you more chances of being noticed when retailers are sorting by newest products.

Publishing more products: Having a larger number of SKUs will increase the likelihood of product adoption, so be sure to activate as many products as you can.

For any other questions, Contact our support team at

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